Katie H. Weill's Young Adult Penname K.D. Martin's First Release


The Story

"Growing up my mind was always lost in an adventure, some epic tale to take me away from the every day and place me into somewhere new and fascinating. I created the lead character “Lily” with the idea in mind that she too would be a child who liked adventure, who craved the unknown and slowly found myself developing something more tangible from these thoughts. The common theme in this story is Coming of Age, where the main character faces loss, friendship, adversary and hope in impactful ways. I wanted it to be something relevant, things that even if a child didn’t have the same experiences there is still something relatable that could be found by reading Lily’s story. To say it’s a young adult story would be correct for how to catalog it, however, I feel that as adults we never lose touch of who we were growing up and if given the chance, you too will be rooting for Lily."

The Way Through
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